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Health Checks That Can Save Your Life!

This is serious. The rate at which young people suddenly pass on these days or get some terminal ailment is alarming. And when I mean young, I am speaking of the age bracket of 35-50. Barring people getting killed in a bad accident what actually kill people is internal and gets built up over the years. Like mum used to say, what kills people is in their body. And what makes the situation of an untimely death particularly sad is the fact that most of these ailments can be prevented by making lifestyle changes and actually doing what is recommended in this article. The point is what you don’t know can and does kill people. Negligence  can and do kill. This is why routine physical exam is essential for everyone to have though, according to WebMD, much depends on age, the general condition of your health and, of course, risk factors for some health problems.

So in order to ensure a healthy body, the following health checks are highly recommended as they evaluate areas which are prone to terminal ailments or even potentially, sudden demise.

Your Height And Weight
Your doctor needs this information to arrive at your body mass index.(BMI). Keeping a healthy BMI guards you against terminal conditions such Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and more. If your BMI range is unhealthy, your doctor will provide guidance on what to do reverse it. In all, if your waistline starts looking like the Michelin tyre or is pear-shaped, see a doctor fast.

Blood Pressure
If your blood pressure goes up, so does the chances of a heart disease or stroke.  Blood pressure according to WebMD is the measure of the pressure of your blood against your arteries. So blood pressure screenings are so vital when heart health is in consideration. High blood pressure often doesn’t show any symptoms and has to be measured before it can be determined. It raises the risk of heart attack or stroke significantly.  Normal blood pressure should be less than 120 or over 80. Anything above is BP or Hypertension. According to, more than 75 million U.S. adults have high blood pressure. Phew! Lord have mercy!

Cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke. It is too much fat ( or a type of fat) in your blood which is very very unhealthy.  WebMD recommends that you get your cholesterol level checked every 4-6 years “if you are older than 20,’’ if you are an older adult, male or overweight or you have a family history of heart disease, or high cholesterol, diabetes or a personal history of cholesterol. Majority of low income families don’t even know their family’s health history especially for cholesterol, so it’s essential to check up on yourself. Do you know your family’s health history?

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Yea, the name is scary enough. This is when doctors look for cancer in the colon or rectum by checking for blood there or tissue growths called polyps. Whether or not you have a high risk of cancer, begin to get these tests once you are 45  or even earlier.

The other test is Fecal Immunochemical Test known as FIT and should happen every year. Sigmoidoscopy which is when doctors check part of your colon should happen, according to WebMD, every 5 years. Colonoscopy ( colon screening) should be done every 3-10 years depending on what doctors found during the screening. During colonoscopy, the doctor checks your entire colon.

Blood Sugar/Glucose Screening
Your blood glucose level should be screened  regularly. Once you are 45 and these days even below. It’s a simple test that measures the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood. And thereby check for potential risk or present condition of diabetes. If you are overweight, have high cholesterol or high blood pressure or you have had gestational diabetes (when your body can’t make enough insulin during your pregnancy) this is absolutely a must.

Cardiovascular (Heart) Health screening
Cardiovascular disease is a silent killer and takes millions of lives every year worldwide. Without screening it may be difficult to determine what your own personal risk factors are because they are different for everyone. Your test results will provide insight into your risk factors if any and what lifestyle changes you need to make for health and longevity.

In summary, health matters are not to be taken for granted. Going for proper tests and screenings are so very important. Lives can be saved and untimely death can be averted.

How Much Does It Cost To Take These Tests?
You need to prioritise your health over the cost. Having said that,  you can get your BP checked almost for free. It doesn’t cost much to do blood sugar level test. There are even some do it yourself kits available in the market that you can use to conduct some of these tests. But my advise is to see a doctor who can conduct a preliminary exam and then suggest other relevant tests to be taken.

However, the cost of a medical check up in Nigeria varies depending on the type of test and where you take it. The cost can range from ₦1,000 to ₦30,000. In all I know a medical organization that will carry out a comprehensive heath profile check. is one. There is and others. A random search on google will throw up some names.

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An IT Solutions Consultant, writer and lately a herbal supplement practitioner with a passion to teach and inspire people. Am the CEO of Quest River Digital, an IT Solutions company located in Lagos.